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US TV Premier for 'Generation Rescue'

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US TV Premier for 'Generation Rescue'

Our film Generation Rescue premiers on KCETLink to a national American TV audience of 40 million viewers on August 11th. It screens at 9pm EST followed by another 9pm primetime slot on the West Coast. 

Generation Rescue” focusses on one pioneering project which is attempting to lift families out of extreme poverty. We follow four women from Burundi, Central Africa who have been chosen to  take part in the three year programme that could change their lives forever.  Having literally lived life on the scrap heap, the women  are given help with food, housing, healthcare, education and crucially business skills. Do they have what it takes to escape the poverty trap? 

2015 marks the deadline for the UN’'s ambitious plans to end extreme poverty around the world. The eight “Millennium Development Goals” were launched in 2000 including targets to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty, empower women and combat HIV aids. While significant progress has been made on some goals, there is still a long way to go.

The film was funded by FXB International.